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Good Foreplay Leads to Good Sex. Here’s How

Foreplay for Good SexHow would you like the kind of intimacy where you directly jump into action without having to work on arousal? Having sex without foreplay is similar to that. According to Statistic Brain, the average domestic couple had sex 146 times a year in 2016, whereas the average married couple had 98 incidences of sexual intercourse. Can you guess the amount of time these couples spent on foreplay? Well, it was just 20 minutes.

Unlike a man, who can get erection by just thinking about sex, women, being more emotional, believe in sexual intercourse as an expression of love. Successful foreplay gives a woman assurance of being wanted by her man. The longer and more varied the foreplay is, more this message will be communicated to the woman.

On the other hand, for a man, maintaining bigger and harder erections for long periods of time, along with enhanced stamina, ensures a more satisfying sexual experience. It is for this reason that penis enlargement supplements like Longinexx have seen rising demand. In fact, according to Leading Male Enhancement, in their Longinexx reviews, these pills are produced through a revolutionary, super-critical, extraction process and Rapid Expansion Technology, which allows users to get substantially more of the compounds’ active components, thereby leading to better results.

Biological Importance of Foreplay for a Woman

So, once you have taken care of your own sexual performance, it is time to focus on your partner. To get aroused, the desire to have sex is not enough for a woman. This is where foreplay is critical. Simple acts like kissing, hugging, caressing different parts of the body and stimulating the genitals to create lubrication plays a vital role in preparing the woman’s body and mind for sex.

Female vagina exhibits similar characteristics to the penis, since it too requires adequate blood flow to the clitoris to get erect and for the woman to have an orgasm. And this is only possible through sexual stimulation. Moreover, the lubrication created in the vagina makes intercourse more comfortable, as penetration becomes much smoother, while making a woman achieve maximum pleasure.

Tips for Good Foreplay

  • Talk to Her About Foreplay: The biggest mistake most couple make is that they don’t talk about their desires with each other, which could leave either partner unsatisfied. Effective communication should include one’s expectations as well as what one likes and dislikes.
  • Never Rush: When you kiss, touch or smell a woman during foreplay, while paying attention to every part of her body, you are actually admiring her femininity. It is advisable to be patient and enjoy each and every moment to the fullest till she is ready for the final act.
  • Massage a Woman’s Legs: Use aromatherapy oils to massage the length of her legs, going from her ankles to her upper thighs. In fact, giving each other sensual massages is a great option for foreplay.

Once you have managed to please your lady love with the kind of foreplay she desires, it’s now time for some serious action. Take the support of successful male enhancers like Longinexx for unhindered performance. However, before trying any such supplement, read more know about their dosage, ingredients and side effects to make an informed decision.

Changes in Sexual Function in Men due to Aging

With aging comes a lot of problems, and low testosterone is one of them. Although the testosterone level gets stable when a man reaches in his sixties, the gradual changes that he experiences meanwhile tend to get tough to deal with. A major change that a man goes through while aging is in his sexual functioning. This leads to development of a large number of sex-related conditions like low-sperm count, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed orgasms and decreased libido.

Although the changes that come with aging are inevitable, remedial actions, if taken timely, can help provide effective relief. Various sexual dysfunction products are available in the market that are 100 per cent natural and, if we go by the popular review websites like, have a proven track record of being the best natural cures for ED and other sexual problems.

Effect of Underlying Medical Conditions

Health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease that often come as a part and parcel of old age alter our body systems to a great extent, and normal sexual functioning of organs is no exception. These health conditions disrupt the normal blood flow and circulation in the body, causing trouble in achieving erection. Widely popular ED supplements like Enzyte, which are made from natural ingredients, help in effectively dealing with ED problems by increasing libido and maintaining apt and smooth blood circulation, thereby improving the overall quality and duration of erection.

Another disease identifiable with aging is diabetes. Apart from the fatal health risks the body gets prone to because of diabetes, it also poses a threat of developing ED in men. The chances of developing ED in men with diabetes is three times higher than in those who do not have diabetes.

In later stages of life, although the leading causes of sexual problems are mostly health-related, other factors such as surgeries, prescription medication or any implants could also cause trouble in having erection in men.

Sexual Dysfunction Products to the Rescue

The best means of dealing with sexual problems like ED and low libido is resorting to natural cures for not only effective, but safe results. Male enhancement products for problems like erectile dysfunction are made from completely natural ingredients that have been known to provide relief from sexual problems for thousands of years. Most of these ingredients are highly effectively aphrodisiacs and erection precursors, that not only enhance the sexual function, but also boost your self-confidence.
Male enhancement supplements work best when you are taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Focus on eating healthy and try to quit smoking and drinking. You must also strive to maintain a healthy body weight as obesity is often linked with sexual problems.

As one gets older, it becomes more important to watch out for subtle hints given by the body and take timely remedial action to avoid discomfort and psychological trauma in later life.

10 Tips on Being in a Relationship with an Older Man

Earlier in 2014, Patrick Stewart, a renowned Hollywood actor aged 73, married a 38 years younger woman Sunny Ozell, who is an established jazz singer. They had been dating since 2009. It is absolutely fine when celebrities do it. However, when ordinary people get into such relationships, things can be a little trickier. What matters most is how they are going to make it work between themselves. A woman dating an older man can be a challenge indeed but is not impossible if you know how to deal with relationship.

While issues such as, “make my penis bigger’’ are easily addressed on websites such as Top Male Enhancer, there are other issues that need to be taken care of, in respect of emotional longevity of the relationship.

10 Tips for Dating an Older Man

Here are some interesting things that can be done to keep the spark alive in your relationship especially if you are dating an older man:

  1. When it comes to attraction, it is always good to remember that men look better with age while you can be the younger and hotter partner. Best example of such a couple could be Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones.
  2. Men are very sensitive about their age, just as you are. So any comment related to the age factor should be avoided, such as your partner’s first grey hair or his rising restrictions in physical activities.
  3. It is a good idea, not to crib about your age, especially when he is much older than you. It would only make him more miserable about his age.
  4. In your relationship always draw the limelight on the things that you have common with your man and worry less about the differences.
  5. If your man has children that are close to your age, avoid intruding into their business. Let him tackle the situation. He will always ask for your help if he needs it.
  6. If your friends cross the boundary about pestering you about making a wrong decision, make them realize that you are happier than other troubled couples of the same age. If they love you, they will understand.
  7. It is often a factor to be teased about that you are dating an older man for his money. It is obvious that an older man will be way ahead professionally at his age than you are.
  8. It is important however to understand that the immediate family members of both individuals in the relationship will take time to accept it as a good thing. Do not force it on them by trying to convince them. Simply show they in your work how being with this individual has made you a better person and the same for your partner.
  9. It is important that you make him realize that he is being treated in the same way as a person of your age would have been treated. This helps to strengthen the bond in the relationship.
  10. On bed, things might get a little tricky. But you have to understand that your man may not may be a hot-blooded twenty something. Instead use his maturity and experience to your benefit. If you have issues such as wants for a larger penis or he has wants such as, “make my penis bigger”, you can always recommend natural supplements for your man.

Natural supplements have regular dosages and have advantages of discreet payment and shipping. However, do not embarrass him by suggesting it yourself unless he seeks your help. Your aim should be to make him open up to you so that you can converse about it openly to him.