Good Foreplay Leads to Good Sex. Here’s How

Foreplay for Good SexHow would you like the kind of intimacy where you directly jump into action without having to work on arousal? Having sex without foreplay is similar to that. According to Statistic Brain, the average domestic couple had sex 146 times a year in 2016, whereas the average married couple had 98 incidences of sexual intercourse. Can you guess the amount of time these couples spent on foreplay? Well, it was just 20 minutes.

Unlike a man, who can get erection by just thinking about sex, women, being more emotional, believe in sexual intercourse as an expression of love. Successful foreplay gives a woman assurance of being wanted by her man. The longer and more varied the foreplay is, more this message will be communicated to the woman.

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Biological Importance of Foreplay for a Woman

So, once you have taken care of your own sexual performance, it is time to focus on your partner. To get aroused, the desire to have sex is not enough for a woman. This is where foreplay is critical. Simple acts like kissing, hugging, caressing different parts of the body and stimulating the genitals to create lubrication plays a vital role in preparing the woman’s body and mind for sex.

Female vagina exhibits similar characteristics to the penis, since it too requires adequate blood flow to the clitoris to get erect and for the woman to have an orgasm. And this is only possible through sexual stimulation. Moreover, the lubrication created in the vagina makes intercourse more comfortable, as penetration becomes much smoother, while making a woman achieve maximum pleasure.

Tips for Good Foreplay

  • Talk to Her About Foreplay: The biggest mistake most couple make is that they don’t talk about their desires with each other, which could leave either partner unsatisfied. Effective communication should include one’s expectations as well as what one likes and dislikes.
  • Never Rush: When you kiss, touch or smell a woman during foreplay, while paying attention to every part of her body, you are actually admiring her femininity. It is advisable to be patient and enjoy each and every moment to the fullest till she is ready for the final act.
  • Massage a Woman’s Legs: Use aromatherapy oils to massage the length of her legs, going from her ankles to her upper thighs. In fact, giving each other sensual massages is a great option for foreplay.

Once you have managed to please your lady love with the kind of foreplay she desires, it’s now time for some serious action. Take the support of successful male enhancers like Longinexx for unhindered performance. However, before trying any such supplement, read more know about their dosage, ingredients and side effects to make an informed decision.